“It’s feeling that money can’t be created again i a way”

The Grid: Caroline, what is usually the biggest concern, or let’s say, fear that when you see a client that the issue of money brings about? Is it the issue that people are afraid to lose money and be poor? A psychological barrier of people taking the initiative to embark on an endeavor or start a business, for instance? The fear that if I lose money what would happen to me? Where would I be? Is it going to ruin my life? I mean, is this usually the biggest factor for people or is it something else you see?

Caroline Domanska It’s feeling that money can’t be created again in a way and that you are going to make the wrong decisions. And, I think that comes down to sense of worth around your own abilities actually.

When people are thinking about income, alternate income creation, or just creating more income in their current life, it comes down to doubts and beliefs around our worth.

The Grid: Self-limiting thinking and behaviour holds us back?

Caroline Domanska: Exactly. Is it right for me to say that I can earn a million dollars or a billion dollars? Of course, anybody’s got just as much right as everybody else but sometimes we get caps on that from way we’ve been brought up or just our general feeling of what’s possible.

The Grid: And how much of our self-limiting beliefs are actually based on doubts around our abilities?

Caroline Domanska: We doubt whether actually we are capable of taking that leap. We’ve got the idea; we want to take the leap but how can we know the end game?

Am I capable of achieving the goals that I set for myself or are they just too highfalutin and perhaps for somebody else and I shouldn’t be thinking that way?

So I think, yes, it comes down to fear around worth, abilities, you know your own worth; fears around your ability and perhaps fears about your greater sense of your place in world. I would say it’s one of those three things.

This is an extract from an interview with Caroline Domanska, Founder of Money Mindset Coaching.

Interview by May Khizam, Founder & Chief Strategist, The Grid Media Ltd

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