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Enterprising Female Angels & Founders

“F.A.I.L. means “First Attempt In Learning” and allows us to view failure in a new way” The Grid: Tell us about your successes so far with the Women’s Angel Investor Network (WAIN)? WAIN: Let’s go through some of our statistics. We have invested almost $500K since we...

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Diving into Yields

“Consistency of involvement is a big deal in shipping. It is very hard to dip in and dip out.” The Grid: Which sectors do you invest in and what is your methodology? Marcus Machin: Our business is solely focused on shipping and oil services. We have approximately...

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Our Money Mindset and Other Truths

"Our beliefs came about because they supported us in one point in our lives" The Grid: Caroline, you talk about how our feelings towards money or our 'money mindset' may hinder us or set us free. Caroline Domanska: Your ‘money mindset’ or your ‘money why’ is the...

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Surviving a Psychopath Boss

"In reality, a psychopath boss is more likely to prey on submissive ‘yes’ people" The Grid: Top executives often lose sight of themselves and morph into monsters, who, depending on the culture of the organisation, can go unchecked and even rewarded. We recognise that...

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