“Our current level of income, savings, assets and debt are all a result of decisions that we have made” 

The Grid:One of the core themes of our recent event ‘Finding Financial Clarity’ was that one great fear we all have is that our income is stagnating.

Caroline Domanska So, let me ask you. Is your income on cruise control? When we talk about that, we talk about perhaps income ceilings that we have based around what we could be worth; what our abilities are and how much we should be paid.

We all have money stories, as part of our money mindset, that keep our income on cruise control and put that speed limiter on and despite us being able to achieve greatness we never seem to just quite get there.

It’s important at this point to realize that our current level of income, savings, assets and debt are all a result of decisions that we have made based on our inner wealth rules.

The Grid: Our financial health is a reflection of our inner wealth?

Caroline Domanska: Yes, let me just repeat that. Your current level of income, savings, assets and debts are all a result of decisions that you have made.

This is an extract from an interview with Caroline Domanska, Founder of Money Mindset Coaching.

Interview by May Khizam, Founder & Chief Strategist, The Grid Media Ltd

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